Thursday, 14 June 2018

Make unforgettable memories of Birthdays with Flowers?

Birthday gifts aren't about doing formality; they give you a chance to say "thank you" to your dear ones. When you surprise your girlfriend with a bouquet of rose at her doorstep or wake your wife up with a bouquet of red rose on her birthday, what you're actually saying is "Thank you for coming into my life." Believe it or not but birthdays are incomplete without flowers. From centerpieces to decorations and gifts, flowers can make a birthday party more special.

History of Birthdays & Flowers

Earlier it was believed that the year-old got protection against demons by celebrating a birthday party. At that time, people believed in evil spirits. On your birthday, you would be extra sensitive to those spirits. A lot of noise would deter the nasty spirits. That's why families and friends gathered on birthdays.

Besides, flowers are traditionally given as a birthday present. Thousand years ago, only famous people such as kings, dukes and other rich personalities used to celebrate their birthdays. They gathered large parties and received gifts. Those gifts reportedly consisted mainly of luxurious flower arrangements. Later, the less well-off people started celebrating anniversaries. They had no money to throw a birthday party and indeed buy gifts. So, they used to give flowers to each other, considering as a gift from the heart.

Whether we are living in a digital era today, we should not forget the value of flowers and the meanings associated with them. Though, you can gift an expensive gadget to your closes ones on their birthdays but remember nothing is more romantic and unique than flowers.

Most Beautiful Birthday Gift - Flower

Nature has honored us with a variety of beautiful gifts, and flowers are undoubtedly one of them. Longer than any expensive gift the flower in its rich complexity has personified the mystery of love - in its all forms. Flowers can express your innermost feelings without saying anything. 

You can choose a perfectly-designed flower arrangement or floral basket filled with colorful flowers and fresh chocolates. The basic idea of giving birthday flower is to put that coveted smile on your close one’s lips. They are known as the mood enhancers and therefore receiving fresh flowers as a birthday gift is always special. 

According to a research conducted, an individual who sends flowers is considered to be happy, robust and capable achieving and courageous people. It makes a great impression of yours in the recipient's mind. Most importantly, flowers look gorgeous and who doesn’t admire a gift which looks and feels straight out of a fantasy!

Don't Forget to Add Chocolates and Other Surprises

The same way a bouquet of fresh flowers communicates love and friendship, sweets like chocolates and candy hit at our hearts through their sensual taste. And nothing evokes us of the cutest memories of our childhood birthdays like cake and cookies. So, don't forget to add cookies and chocolates to your floral arrangement. You can even choose classic photo frames filled with some candid pictures that will undoubtedly delight the recipient.  

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