Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Do You Know the Secret Beautify of Flowers?

The fresh flowers have amazing magical powers to fade the negativity into any kind of environment. The colorful flowers and green stems can change the overall look of any place. Their delicate fragrance generates soothing vibe and intensifies the surroundings without overwhelming the original decor. They have played a significant role in our history too. Evidence of their usage can be found in several folk tales, religious texts, and spiritual myths. Some species of flowers were used as food and remain to be served as food until the modern days; some are popular for their healing properties and are served as medicine.

Our ancestor also admitted the aesthetic functionalities of flowers; besides, some old cultures considered that they could relieve the spirits of their forefathers by decorating their graves with a special kind of flowers. Strange but true!

Express Your Feelings
The most significant function that blossoms have, despite, is their ability to convey deep human thoughts and emotions the way no other things can. If your feelings are too deep for words – be it affection, love, happiness, gratitude, or even grief – you can always express them through the beautiful arrangement of flowers. You will notice that they will reveal your feelings beautifully.

Colors have Deep Meaning
The flower that possesses the most apparent meaning is the Red Rose - the remarkable symbol of love and desire. Throughout the resurgence era, roses were related to the immortal beauty of Venus, while the scratches caused by the thorny stem of rose expressed the wounds of love. Christian also represents love and the blood of a martyr with red roses. Besides, the white roses symbolize innocence, charm, and purity. And, pink rose represents happiness.

Healing Power
Flowers also have the power to influence our moods and affect our emotions. Research reveals that the presence of bright flowers emphasizes feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior positively while triggering happy emotions. Scientific research has also proved the healing power of flowers. A fresh bouquet kept in a hospital room can reduce the stress level of patient and makes him feel fresh.
Today, several websites offer online flower delivery in Malaysia, so it’s easy to order and gift flowers to the close ones. 

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